It's hard to know exactly what happened with your split. When a queen hatches successfully, the queen cell has a perfectly round hole at the bottom of the cell. If you saw that, a virgin queen likely emerged from the cell. If the cells are cut on the sides, the queen likely did not emerge alive.

Split successful or not?

then checked the nuc today and all the new eggs and larvae are now capped worker brood… No new Queen cells… What could be going on as I couldn’t find the queen or any fresh eggs? Shall I wait a week and then check for a queen and put fresh eggs in if there isn’t any queen? Any Suggestions?

Forget Honey!

Everybody is talking about sampling some of their bees honey, and can hardly wait. Forget honey! Your job with your bees during the entire first year is to aid them to “build their house tight and strong, and protect them from being killed by mites or disease!” JL – I’ll add to this: Your job …

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