First time beekeeping and honey extraction at Gunu in Yasawas

2023 ended promisingly for Gunu villagers as they see for the first time how beekeeping and honey extraction is done.

With youths helping their village bee team harvest honey, whereby elders gather around to support the young generation as they build up on skills and knowledge in improving their livelihood and contribute towards the honey industry locally.

Being away from the mainland maybe a setback, due to difficulties in getting instructors across rough seas in the outer islands and hiring skilled beekeeper’s.

Despite all challenges today they have shown the world that they are thankful to and would like to acknowledge Vinaka Fiji for funding villagers around Naviti island, Yasawa, with hives,bees and materials

We Wish you the very best with your goals for 2024 and job up ahead…. Vina’a valevu Naviti beekeeper’s.

Helping me share the little knowledge and skills , I actually learned a lot while working with you and I salute each and every one that has given me the chance to contribute towards your interest in building awesome beekeeper’s.

May I wish everyone Merry Christmas and promising New Year


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