"Fiji's Best Honey 2021" was awarded by Mr. Rahim of Fiji Beekeepers Association.

Fiji Beekeepers Association is pleased to invite all Fijian beekeepers to this educational beekeeping symposium. Educational talks, suppliers and buyers, honey contest,

Apistan and Apivar

Chemical miticides are the most effective and easiest way to control Varroa. The most popular treatments overseas are plastic strip products (Apistan

integrated pest management (IPM) approach

Papua New Guinean beekeepers have suffered from the same species of varroa 10 years longer than Fijians, so we can learn from

Homemade Sticky Boards

As discussed in the post about Varroa Mites, here is a cheap and easy way to make your own sticky boards.

Fiji Beekeepers Association, in collaboration with the Australian Centre for International Agriculture Research and Loving Islands, is offering free 2-day workshops on making and marketing value-added bee products.

Got a specific issue with your bees? Ask John for advice...

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