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Apistan and Apivar

Varroa – Part 3: Synthetic Chemical Miticides

Chemical miticides are the most effective and easiest way to control Varroa. The most popular treatments overseas are plastic strip products (Apistan and Apivar) that only require two trips to the apiary – one to put the strips between brood frames, and another to take them out 6-8 weeks later. This is my recommendation for …

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integrated pest management (IPM) approach

Varroa – Part 2 : Controlling Varroa Mites

Papua New Guinean beekeepers have suffered from the same species of varroa 10 years longer than Fijians, so we can learn from the PNG experience. Anecdotal evidence from PNG suggests substantial negative impacts on honey production. In the early years, untreated in PNG, it caused bee colony deaths estimated at 60% – 90% in some …

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It's hard to know exactly what happened with your split. When a queen hatches successfully, the queen cell has a perfectly round hole at the bottom of the cell. If you saw that, a virgin queen likely emerged from the cell. If the cells are cut on the sides, the queen likely did not emerge alive.

Split successful or not?

then checked the nuc today and all the new eggs and larvae are now capped worker brood… No new Queen cells… What could be going on as I couldn’t find the queen or any fresh eggs? Shall I wait a week and then check for a queen and put fresh eggs in if there isn’t any queen? Any Suggestions?

Recommended Sampling Method for Varroa in Fiji

Two sampling methods provide the best estimates of mite populations. Both involve removing mites from the bodiesof adult bees, then counting the mites to establish a standard percentage measure of mite numbers (i.e., number of mites per 100 adult bees). The recommended sampling methods in Fiji is with icing (powdered) sugar shake. Practice improves accuracy …

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