We’re thrilled to share the recent success story of our partnership with SROS, highlighted by their honey harvesting event in January 2024.

Looking back on our journey, which began in April 2023 with the aim of elevating beekeeping practices in Samoa, this milestone fills us with joy.

Through collaboration with Alusio Vuainabuke, a seasoned beekeeper with over three decades of experience from Fiji, we organised a training session on necessary beekeeping techniques (Beekeeping 101) for SROS and MAFF personnel.

This collaboration was made possible thanks to the UNDP-GEF Small Grants Program Samoa.

Initially equipped with four hives, some of which were not in best condition, SROS has seen remarkable progress after receiving training and capacity-building support.

They now manage seven healthy hives.

In November 2023, SAO donated essential honey harvesting equipment, including 5/10 Double RTG hive kits, a honey extractor, uncapping tray, uncapping knife, uncapping fork, smoker, and hive tools.

The fruits of this collaboration became apparent when SROS staff successfully utilised these tools for honey harvesting.

This accomplishment perfectly aligns with our core objectives of implementing efficient beekeeping systems, which involve stabilising and expanding existing colonies while ensuring the maintenance of well-managed hives.

UNDP-GEF Small Grants Program Samoa

Scientific Research Organization of Samoa


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