Fijian beekeepers, from left, Tai Kadavaki (25), Tom Matai (25) and Jeremaia Salu (17) are learning from Central Otago beekeepers over the summer. Photo by Mark Price

Misconceptions about beekeeping in Fiji

There are many misconceptions about beekeeping in the world today, and it’s become very “trendy” to think you want to be a beekeeper.

Here’s the Top Four misconceptions that I have to clarify with any newbie.

Beekeeping is easy.

Successful beekeeping requires a lot of knowledge, management skills, and experience.

The knowledge and skills are easy to acquire but a real effort must be made to get them.

Beekeeping can be a community project

Owning the equipment might be part of a community project but keeping the bees healthy and happy is the job of the knowledgeable and experienced beekeeper.

Appoint a few of the project members to be the beekeepers and encourage them to learn and practice their beekeeping skills.

A bee suit will protect you from getting stung

A bee suit will greatly reduce the number of stings you will get, but you will still get stung.

Some people just can’t tolerate by getting stung.

These people will not be good beekeepers as they will often put off doing hive inspections.

Beekeeping is the same everywhere

Basic beekeeping skills and bee facts may be the same everywhere but the practicing of beekeeping must be tailored to the situation and the environment.

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