It’s a good idea to reduce hive entrance

I have a quick question…my beehive has a typical opening that extends the width of the lower super.

I’m a little concerned about geckos or any kind of intruder having easy access to the hives entrance. I’m equally worried about the possibility of other bee colonies being able to rob my hive as well…

So I constructed a long wooden box and screened it in, that I can attach with two wood screws, that will reduce the opening of the entrance to 1 1/2 inches / 40mm…

I am curious of the pros and cons to this…Has anyone tried this or has smaller entrances to their hives.

Thanks in advance for any advice or comments..👍🏻

Hunter Webb  

It’s a good idea to reduce hive entrance if the hives are weak. Usually the hive opening spaces are 1/4 inch thick and in strong hives the guard bees protect hives from intruders.

Many successful beekeepers have tried same size wooden sticks to reduce entrances. I personally use a tightly rolled newspaper sheet and it’s easy for the bees to chew out if they feel it necessary.

Remember bees know better about their hives and they also need space in front to allow flight orientation and inside hive cleaning. Bees at times remove waxmoth and other debries from hive too.

For me newspaper works best at this instance.

Imraz Ali

I use entrance reducer to keep away predators.

Roneel Kumaran Chetty

I have geckos living in all my hives under roof. Doesn’t seems to be any problems.

Carina Bjers
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