A grafted frame after 24 hours. Photo by Shameel Ali.

Raising your own queen honey bees is a game-changer

For a beekeeper, raising your own queen honey bees is a game-changer.

Shameel Ali

The queen honey bee is the heart and soul of the bee hive, and without a young, productive queen, everything, including a colony’s future is at stake.

Local queen rearing holds tremendous potential for the beekeeper, on any scale, to take control of their genetics and reshape the destiny of their apiaries.

It’s never been easier, even for the backyard beekeeper, to raise their own, locally-adapted queens from their best hives. The biggest obstacle has always been learning how to graft larvae.

Thanks to John Caldeira for teaching me how to graft larvae and each and everything in beekeeping.

By Shameel Ali on Facebook.


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