A Manual for Trainers of Small Scale Beekeeping Development Workers

A Manual for Trainers of Small Scale Beekeeping Development Workers

This manual represents a component of a pilot training program in beekeeping, undertaken by CHP International, Inc. Under Peace Corps‘ Contract 282-1011;

We believe that our involvement has produced a valuable and continue adaptable training tool- However, the manual must continue to be tested, evaluated and modified in order to reflect changing needs and circumstances.

It it our hope that you will contribute to that process and that you will help make the manual more appropriate and useful during future training programs

If you have observations or suggestions about the contents, methods or approach included in the manual, please contact the authors at the offices of CHP International, Inc.

TITLE – A Manual for Trainers of Small Scale Beekeeping Development Workers

  • CE 038 710 ED 242 921
  • AUTHOR Gentry, Curtis; And Others
  • INSTITUTION CHP International, Inc., Oak Park, IL.
  • SPONSOR AGENCY Peace Corps, Washington, DC. Information Collection and Exchange Div.
  • PUB DATE January 1983
  • CONTRACT PC-282-1011
  • NOTE 389p.; For a related document, see ED 241 775.
  • PUB TYPE Classroom Use – Guides – Guides (For Teachers) (052)
  • EDRS PRICE MF01/PC16 Plus PoStage.

DESCRIPTORS Adult Learning; *Agricultural Education; *Agricultural Production; Agricultural Skills; Animal Husbandry; Behavioral Objectives; Classroom TechniqueSi Educational Strategies; Extension Agents; Extension Education; Guidelines; Instructional Materials; Learning Activities; Lesson Plans; Nonformal Education; Postsecondary Education; *Rural Development; *Vocational Education; Volunteers *Volunteer Training

IDENTIFIERS *Beekeeping; *Bees


This manual is intended to serve as a guide for those who are helping future Peace Corps Volunteers to acquire basic beekeeping skills.

Included in the guide are lesson outlines and handouts for use in each of the 52 sessions of the course.

Representative topics discussed in the individual sessions are family live-in, training site-investigation, adult learning, assessment and selection, program evaluation, bee management techniques, training needs, and honey and beeswax products.

Each lesson outline contains some or all of the following: a breakdown of the time to be spent on the session, an- overview of the session, objectives, printed materials needed for the session or for background information, handouts, a list of necessary supplies and tools, and an outline of procedures to follow in order to meet the objectives of the_session.

Appendixes to the guide include training objectives; guidelines for pre-training research, staff training, site selection, pre-training preparation, program management and administration, and Alternate program design; a follow-up questionnaire; and a bibliography. (MN)

A Manual for Trainers of Small Scale Beekeeping Development Workers

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