Farmer Level Tech – Note For Beginner Beekeeping

Farmer Level Tech – Note For Beginner Beekeeping

This tech note has been developed by Mr. Ezekiel Tyre Freeman, who also trained selected communities members in Nimba, Grand Gedeh and River Gee Counties.

Beekeeping is a traditional activity in Liberia and the rich vegetation of the country offers great potentials for beekeeping. It is an activity that can be carried out both by man and women as an additional income generating activity.

It is not a labour-intensive activity and honey harvesting is generally undertaken during the lean season when demand for agricultural labour is not high. Land does not need to be owned to be able to practice beekeeping because hives can be hung in trees in the forest.

The products of the beehive, among which honey is the most known can be consumed by the family, sold on the market, processed for value adding or stored for when the household needs cash. Beehive products can also be used as medicines.

Training people in sustainable beekeeping practices does not only contribute to the food security of the households, it can also raise awareness among the beekeepers about the importance of sustainable forest management.

This training manual aims at providing the basic skills necessary to practice small scale sustainable beekeeping with topbar hives and highlight the essential role that bees play in nature and food production.

Through this publication, FAO and the Forest Development authority of Liberia (FDA) want to contribute to the income generation and food security of the Liberian farmers.

Farmer Level Tech – Note For Beginner Beekeeping
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