FAO – Apimondia Beekeeper Survey – October 2022

A few institutions created a survey to measure the the level of knowledge and awareness of Good Beekeeping Practices.

Apimondia asks that beekeepers consider taking this survey to help the research. The survey only takes 8 minutes as is at this link:


Risk assessment tools for sustainable beekeeping

International surveys among beekeepers to monitor the level of knowledge and awareness on Good Beekeeping Practices (GBPs), Antimicrobial Use (AMU) and Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) in apiculture.

About The Survey

The model survey was developed by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), APIMONDIA, Appalachian State University and IZSLT, that is the FAO Reference Centre for Animal Health and Food Security-Discipline Apiculture, health and biosecurity.

All responses and users are anonymous to protect the respondents’ personal information.

The survey intends to understand better beekeepers’ management of Apis mellifera (the honey bee) around the world, to adopt specific measures (projects, training activities, roles, etc.) to identify priorities for supporting beekeepers, and to make beekeeping more sustainable worldwide.

The survey will take about 8 minutes to complete.

Respondents’ honesty and time are greatly appreciated.

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