Guide to Beekeeping in the Tropics with Gavin McKenzie

Guide to Beekeeping in the Tropics with Gavin McKenzie

A Guide to Beekeeping in the Tropics’ is comprised of three DVDs. On each DVD, Gavin McKenzie of McKenzie Beelines in Fiji will be taking you through the many important aspects of beekeeping in the tropics.

Mr. McKenzie has over 50 years of experience in beekeeping, having worked in Papua New Guinea, New Zealand and Fiji.

While this project directly concerns beekeeping in Fiji, the information given is applicable to all tropical beekeepers throughout the wider Asia Pacific.

This project was led by Dr. Malcolm Cone of the Asia Institute, School of Business, University of Otago, New Zealand . It was directed, edited and narrated by Tiffany Cone, and filmed by Jason Chute in Rakiraki, Fiji in April, 2005. It was produced by Marian Cone.

For further information contact:
Mr Ponipate Vonuqaqa
Director & Registrar
Department of Co-operatives
PO Box 2356 Government Buildings Suva
Ph: 3314675 / Fax: 3303431

This film has been made as a training tool. However, Beekeeping carries risks for people who lack skills and experience. Viewers are advised to seek practical training and assistance before engaging in Beekeeping activities. Neither the trainers shown on film nor the film’s producers or sponsors can accept responsibility for any loss, damage or injury claimed by any person as having arisen from or in respect of this film.

`A Guide to Beekeeping in the Tropics’ with Gavin McKenzie

CD 1 – Introductory Material
CD 2 – Extracting, Marketing & Selling Honey
CD 3 – Queen Breeding

This project is an initiative funded by the Fiji New Zealand Business Council in association with NZ Aid.


Guide to Beekeeping in the Tropics with Gavin McKenzie

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