Andrena fulva (Solitary Mining Bee

Bees found in Fiji – Solitary bee – Andrena fulva (Solitary Mining Bee)

The Solitary bee (Andrena fulva (Solitary Mining Bee)) are a native bee species in Fiji. These are WILD bees, and not kept by beekeepers.


Often look similar to the honey bee.


  • Colony size – small nests which are individually tended by a female.
  • Preferred nest sites – often in sandy soil, sometimes in soft cement and mortar between bricks.
  • Although solitary, nests are often found near each other in villages in a suitable nesting area.
  • Nest construction – various materials. Usually a new nest each year.


  • Swarming – does not swarm.
  • Overwintering – usually in the pupal stage within the nest.
  • Food preferences – honey and pollen.
  • Rarely stings and is not aggressive.
Andrena fulva (Solitary Mining Bee)
Andrena fulva (Solitary Mining Bee)
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